New Partner: OneTreePlanted

Human deforestation decreased the number of trees by 50%. According to the latest tree count there are 3 trillion trees in the world or a 1 : 375 ratio man to trees. In other words, from 750 trees per person, 375 trees died for which no new tree was planted.

But there is more to it. The number of trees is just one piece of the puzzle. A tree in the tundra is not the same as a tree in the rainforest. This is because of the many different environmental benefits a tree has to offer:

1. Trees produce oxygen.

2. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and slow rate of global warming.

3. Trees prevent soil erosion and desertification.

4. Trees filter the air from dust and absorb pollutants.

5. Trees host complex microhabitats, up to 500 different species per tree.

While 70% of the Earth´s oxygen is produced in oceans by algae and other marine plants, the air we breath would be rather thin without trees. Scientists are now studying what happens when warming oceans kill phytoplankton. Interestingly, trees can play a role here, too. By planting more trees and halting deforestation, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions that are causing the oceans to warm and oxygen-producing plankton to die.

Next to the added value of forests to our environment, trees also form an important part of the economy. In several regions in Africa and Asia unsustainable farming caused soil erosion and threatens the livelihoods of entire communities. For this reason, RoleModels partnered up with OneTreePlanted, who leads reforestation projects all around the world to positively impact forests, communities, animals and the planet overall.

For every design “Generation Contract” sold, RoleModels will finance a tree and help to protect the future environmentally, but also economically. Visit our online store to get your own Tshirt or Hoodie, manufactured from sustainable cotton.

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