How To Become a RoleModel

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

Who is RoleModels for?

We want our fashion worn by people, who do not thrive for public recognition or feel the desire to portray an image of wealth to the outside world. RoleModels is for people with more depth, people, who do not look away, but get involved. In short: smart and confident people, who lead the way towards a fairer society and a cleaner environment.

What do we do at RoleModels?

Our designs are always connected to a social or environmental problem, which we aim to draw public attention to. The more people hear about the problem, the sooner it can be fixed. Our profits go towards that specific cause.

How to become a RoleModel?

  1. Choose a topic, which you want to support. This is completely up to you. It can be anything that you care about, “Climate Change”, “Poverty”, “Animal Protection”, "Gender Equality", “Racism” etc.

  2. Advertise your challenge or progress on Social Media, such as Facebook or Instagram tagging it with #Fashion4RoleModels

Why be a RoleModel?

When you get recognized as a RoleModel, you get discounts for all our products between 20% - 50%. If you achieve enough attention for your project, we will even design a Tshirt with you towards that cause and donate our profits.

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